AMS Program

  • AMS Program Overview:
    American Montessori Early Childhood (3-6)
    Mission: To provide Early Childhood Educational programs to adults that lead to the appropriate Montessori teacher credential, and employment in a Montessori educational setting as a teacher or administrator.

    Purpose: To provide highly qualified Montessori teachers and administrators to Montessori schools to enable the development of children outside the home environment.

    Objectives: To sustain a growing and developing quality of Montessori teachers and administrators in our communities.

    Program Highlights

    Small class sizes
    Transfer AMS Master credits available
    Theory and praticum are closely related through the program
    Dedicated and experienced faculty

    AMS Program Schedules - Early Childhood - 2024

    Student Catalog - Early Childhood - 2022

    AMS Program Schedules - Infant Toddler - 2020

Admission Requirement:

  • With Bachelor’s degree (Foreign transcripts of university degree must be evaluated by an outside agency to determine their equivalency to a United States degree) – will receive Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Credential
  • With High School diploma – will receive Associate Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Credential
  • Interview

Course Outline:

  • Academic Courses (349Hours)
    Child Development and Observation – 40 hrs
    Montessori Philosophy - 32 hrs
    Practical Life Curriculum - 32 hrs
    Sensorial Curriculum - 32 hrs
    Language Arts Curriculum - 40 hrs
    Mathematics Curriculum - 40 hrs
    Cultural Curriculum (Geography, History, Botany & Zoology) - 40 hrs
    Classroom Leadership - 24 hrs
    Art, Music and Movement - 24 hrs
    Child, Family and Community and Practicum seminar & Yearlong Project - 45 hrs

    Practicum (540 Hours/9 months)
    Minimum 3 hours per day
    5 days per week for 9 consecutive months


  • Tuition Fee: $6,950 USD
    Registration Fee:$250.00 USD
    Membership Fee: $500.00 USD (fee subjects to change)
    Manual and Handout Fee: $600.00 USD
    Graduation Fee: $90.00 USD (The fee is subject to change)
    STRF Fee: $3.50 USD (The fee is subject to change)

    Please Note:
    The tution fee does not include: textbooks, course manuals, school trip, First Aid Class, criminal record clearance, and any other costs that each individual may spend for the classes or assignments.

    If you are interested in our program, please email us.
    We will provide you schedule and application form.

    Capital Education Institute reserves the right to change the contents of the information.